My baseball highlight reel. It has highlights from sitting in the bleachers at Cleveland Indians games and from in the booth for the Southern Ohio Copperheads in 2014 and 2015.

The first inning of the July 19, 2015 match-up between the Lorain County Ironmen and the Southern Ohio Copperheads of the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League.

Mike Clevinger pitches through the Detroit Tigers in the top of the fourth and fifth innings of the Indians-Tigers match-up September 13, 2017.

Andrew Gonzalez shuts down the Grand Lake Mariners in the top of the sixth inning of the first game of a double header for the Southern Ohio Copperheads July 1, 2015.

The home half of the inning above. Here, there are comparisons between the two starting pitchers and more background on Gonzalez.

Recapping and wrapping up the July 16, 2015 game between the Southern Ohio Copperheads and the Cincinnati Steam.